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The following are the Terms of Site Use (herein called TOSU) by which provides the use of and services of it's site to you. These terms may be updated at anytime without prior notice to you the user. The TOSU are included herein. RefSpot also may include other TOSU related to other services or sites that it provides. reserves the right to change the TOSU from time to time or at anytime and then to post the changes on the site. No other notices will be supplies.

It is understood that all content and information on this site is copyrighted by virtue of being on it's site and that none of the content may be copied, reproduced, used, or sold without the express written permission of's approved employee or agent.  

However, RefSpot does not own any of the content, or make any claim to own any of the content, that is displayed in Yahoo's Directory and/or in Open Directory Project's directory.  All content on their site is owned by their respective companies and is copyrighted by their firms.  RefSpot does not have any direct or indirect relationship with either of these two sites nor is RefSpot endorsed or affiliated with either of these two sites.  All linking to their web content is purely to educate our visitors to the great content on these two sites.  

The site and it's content are intended to be a "Best-of-the-Web" yellow pages type directory. The site, our newsletters and their content are purely the opinion of's editors. There is no implied or intended purpose as to how the material is laid out other than most is arranged alphabetically. It is further understood that the site's information and content will consist of but not be limited to, (1) original content created by the employees, editors, managers, and/or related third parties of, it's parent company and/or its related third parties, (2) non-original content that may be derived with permission from third parties, (3) links to other sites especially Yahoo Directory and Open Directory Project directory, (4) opinions about other sites and/or the businesses they represent (5) advertisements (in various manners including but not limited to: banner or block ads, sponsored sections, write-ups of sites and/or affiliate marketing relationships).

The list of sites in both Yahoo's Directory and the Open Directory Project's directory are all created and edited by their employee or independent researchers and RefSpot has no input into what content they place in their directories. 

It is understand and agreed by any and all users that the site and content are provided "AS-IS" with no warranties expressed or implied.  It does not warrant that any and/or all of the material on the site is timely or accurate. It further does no warrant or imply that the site and/or it's content will be available all the time or from time to time but will be up and available whenever it is., it's management and employees, and it's stockholders assume no responsibility or liability for: the timeliness or deletion of information, any bad links, any down time of the site, or for any companies that someone else determines should or should not be listed on our site. retains the right to alter, change or delete any and all content or links at will.  Also, many listings link to another company's or entity's site where has no control over what is exhibited or included on their site and therefore their content is "As Is" based upon whatever criteria they used to include information.

5. SITE USE currently provides free access to it's site, it's content, it's related newsletters, and any other information derived from it's site's copyrighted content for the express personal use of consumers, business people, students, and any other person who is interested in information and knowledge. There is no guarantee that any or all of the site's information will always be free. There is no specific purpose intended for the information other than for personal use and knowledge of it's site's visitors. 

It is further understood that all users must provide their own computers or other web access machines to connect to the web. It is further understood that user must also provide access to the internet through an internet service provider. does not provide either computers, web access machines or internet service.

It is further understood that if any user tries to interfere with or cause trouble to the site or it's Content, will seek legal action against said person to the full extent of the law and will seek monetary damages to include all legal fees.

6.  NO WARRANTIES, NO ADVICE, NO CONSULTING, it's management, it's staff, and/or it's stockholders make no warranty that the information is accurate or correct nor does it guarantee any benefit an/or value will be derived from it.  It is not intended to provide advice, counsel, consulting or recommendations for any product, service, company, and/or other entity.  There is no guarantee that any information included on the site may not be related to an advertisement, sponsorship or affiliate relationship that benefits and/or it's parent or affiliated companies. The user understands that said advertising, sponsorship and/or affiliate relationships are needed by in order to assure it's survival and growth.

7.  ATTEMPTS TO PROVIDE FAMILY FRIENDLY CONTENT makes every effort to only include information and content that is friendly to families and non-offensive. It does not knowingly tolerate, link to or include pictures, words or information related to: pornography or explicit sexual content, deviant behavior, racial or ethnic slurs or derogatory remarks, instructions on weapons of mass destruction (i.e. bombs, chemical weapons, etc.), illegal drugs, slavery, or harmful actions against children, women, animals or other human beings. If you find such material through a link from our site, please notify the other site and us immediately.  Most probably, we will either remove the link or notify the site to remove such picture or information or risk being removed from our site.  Also, if through our site you link to a chat room or other communications site where you find offensive, sexual, predatory or other communications from a person, please notify us and the site immediately.

Although, tries to include "Family Friendly Content" as mentioned in section "7" above, it is understood by any and all users that when they link to other companies' sites, they may be subject to content that they consider objectionable or offensive and/or which may exhibit such material as was mentioned in section "7".  Therefore, it is understood and agreed to that all users of this site will hold, it's management and employees, it's stockholders, and/or it's partner companies harmless from any and all claims, harm (real or imagined), and/or liabilities incurred based upon viewing or interacting with such objectionable or offensive information.  

It is further understood by all users that any  information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages and/or other materials they download from or sites linked to through our site are not guaranteed to be free of problems, viruses, bugs or other computer errors. It is further understood that any and all kinds of this material may be copyrighted and that does not free anyone from checking on and adhering to all relevant copyright, trademark or patent laws. 

Therefore, you the user, are solely and only responsible for any and all Content you read, review, uppload or download, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available via our site., it's stockholders, it's officers, it's employees, it's partners do not control the Content from other sites that are linked to and therefore, do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content.  Therefore, the user further agrees to hold harmless, it's management and employees, it's stockholders, and/or it's partner companies from any and all damage, harm or problems that the user incurs from such downloads.

As mentioned above, some of the site's content is for the sole purpose of advertising or promoting third party companies or entities. Some of these advertisements may be in areas expressly labeled "Advertisers", "Sponsors" and "Preferred Vendors" all of which means that any company involved in that section or area has paid or is intending to pay some fee in the form of a fee for the advertising space, a fee for sponsoring a page or section on a page or in our email newsletter, and/or an affiliate marketing fee (that may be in the form of fees per click-through to their site or commissions based upon sales of their products or services from people who were referred from our site). Again, these relationships do NOT warrant or imply that and/or it's parent company, officers, directors or other employees are in any manner endorsing or recommending said company and/or it's products or services. Any purchase contemplated or made by a site user of any product or service on the site or found through a link from the site, must be made using your own judgement, research and knowledge.

Neither, it's stockholders, employees or management will be held liable for any harm, injury, loss of funds, or any other claim, directly or indirectly, a person may have against a company who sells or gives you a product or service that was found on or through our site.

10.  PRIVACY POLICY agrees to protect the privacy of any and all users. Any personal information that is collected from users will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold to any third party.  It will only be used for the purpose it was collected which may include the ability to send you a periodic email, an email newsletter and/or printed information which may or may not include advertisers ads or promotional messages. The user will always have the ability to opt-out of receiving any email or mailing.

However, users understand that personal information may be disclosed to (1) comply with a legal entity or law enforcement agency, (2) protect the information on the site, (3) protect the site, or (4) to protect a person or another site from harm.

However, user understands that sites that you link to may or may not adhere to our strict privacy guidelines and therefore the user needs to read each site's privacy policies. 

Users agree to not use the site to: upload, email or transmit any Content or information that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, objectionable, vulgar, libelous, invasive, racially or ethnically hateful, harms minors, misleads merchants, falsifies information, or commits a crime.  Users further agrees not to via our site send spam, junk mail, viruses, worms or any other computer content that causes harm to the site, to the site's host, to another user or to the internet in general.  Also, users may not edit, delete, manipulate, or in any way alter the content on our site. Users also agree to adhere to any and all copyright, trademark or patent law relevant to content they encounter on or through our site.  Users further agree not to stalk or harm other users to the site. It is further understood that violating any or all of these rules or laws may make the user subject to be sued or have other legal action taken against them by and/or other companies, entities or police authorities.

All users agree to indemnify and hold harmless, it's management and employees, it's stockholders and/or any related third parties from any and all harm, demand and/or claims that may arise related to using our site, reading or viewing the content and/or advertisements on our site, and/or linking to any of the web sites listed on our site. Further, all users agree to hold harmless, the same entities, from any and all claims or liabilities that may arise from the purchase of any any all products and/or services that you may buy from any and all advertisers, sponsors, and/or affiliate partners that was made available on our site or that was viewed through a link from our site.  Also, user agrees to reimburse for any and all legal fees that may be incurred defending itself from these type of claims.

This constitutes the entire "TOSU" between and any and all users. Should there be an disagreements between said parties all parties agree to arbitration through an arbitration firm of's choice. All actions and claims will adhere and be bound by the State of Georgia's code of law and will be resolved within the exclusive jurisdiction of Gwinnett county's courts of law or another choice of  The failure of to enforce or exercise any portions of the TOSU will not constitute a waiver by  If any portion of this TOSU is found by a court to be invalid it does not invalidate any other terms and conditions and the parties agree to adhere to the intentions of the terms.

Any questions regarding these TOSU and/or if you want to report any violations of these terms, please submit them via email to Contact Us

this section copyrighted
by 2001

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